Enough said

Once you’ve reached the point of no return. I guess you are officially done. Call it closure or whatever, it is very likely that things do not happen, also for a very good but non-obvious reason sometimes.

I finally had the courage to watch through the movie “Interstellar” again. The only movie ever made me shred a tear in the fast five years. Waiting for the other shoe to drop in my opinion is one of the absolute worst feelings. I am glad to be able to be free from it all. Luckily and sadly enough, you do not really need others’ validation or the sought-after compatibility to some specific individuals. Playing the game all by yourself is an option too. Codependence cannot be any more overrated. You are perfectly fine just the way you are. There really is nothing you need that you do not already have. Who’s whose salvation anyway?

Remodeling on the existing obstacles, walking around them, is perhaps no better than just completely eliminating the obstacles and starting over. After all, there is only this much that can be worked at, starting with a new canvas is also an option. Having a complicated mind and a sophisticated soul is perhaps not considered a virtue by many people. Well, so what? The loss is theirs, just like they had gone through life without even realizing that they were completely unaware of a higher dimension.

I missed one spot from my recent trip to Singapore, “One Tree Hill” street. Another time, another summer then.

Wake up, you cannot correct their emotional biases, and indeed, it is the end. Let it all be final and run its course.

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