No muss, no fuss

Now what is it about Taylor Swift’s music that makes you so deluded. I have to say that I have made the same mistake twice now, and each time, the disastrous outcome or the enormous embarrassment make you want to ditch the whole scene altogether. Now only if there is a time machine. Well, if there’s something I learned from this whole thing is that to NOT ever take advice from twenty-something kids ever again.

Well, on that note, back to Chopin, back to being in denial. Good for mental stability.

Some situation came up today made me wonder how one would numerically derive the solution to a bond’s yield-to-maturity or a callable bond’s yield-to-call on secondary market for bonds that were not issued at par. Singular perturbation? Should probably try this out sometime.

Emotional attachments can be such a burden, once you untie the misconstrued strings and all, the world is free from limits, for the most part. Same thing goes for objects in your possession, clothing items, makeup items, etc. What is it that we actually need in life really? I mean what clothes or makeup you would not regret being caught dead in. That is my selection criterion now. That makes you re-evaluate life and get rid of things that have inherently disagreeable traits that will eventually make you resent the things or people in question. There is an obvious reason for being picky. Save yourself the time and energy of dealing with the subsequent struggles. If you can avoid the fuss, then why not build in the preventive measures? So I guess something is to learn after each disastrous embarrassment after all. There really is no concrete concept of “have to”, right? Unless the otherwise consequence is materially measurable. So it might potentially be a wise idea to open the window from time to time, and try not to bother yourself too much with the muss.

A few slices of Pringle’s at 9 p.m., guilty as charged~