So this is it, the end of all ties. That I can finally breathe again, if I manage to get on that plane and make it back home in one piece.

As it turns out, I was still jilted, the very second time of my over three decades of human life that a flight got canceled, considering the frequency that I fly, the statistics ain’t that bad at all.

But why do I feel defeated? Hope is an intricate thing, will power is another. After a certain age, you tend to cave in to certain things as you dread the alternative hardship so much that you would do anything to avoid going down that avenue.

Reminiscing the events over the past while going through the remaining bits of the collection accumulated over the past decade incidentally flipped my sentimental switch. Not all that attractive if I might add.

We are all that we could be under circumstances of repeated defeats. How you do rise above it? How do you maintain a trusting heart? How do you keep that bravery after adverse experiences? Or do we just put up more walls after each heartbreak? Just like any downward spiral or self-fulfilling prophecy, it only leads to more alienation. If you are content with your current state of life, creating your own inflection point might be the only way out of your situation. Step up, make a change, a drastic one, it will make all the difference in the world. The caveats here, however, is that by making that active change, you may have changed the trajectory of your life in an unexpected way. Surely, we cannot foresee the eventual outcome of the decisions we make as we are all one little dot in this space-time continuum at any given time point. But boy don’t I want to find out who or what my destiny is. We are all so insignificant compared to the mighty nature. So next time when you are being melodramatic, it might bring in some clarity to place the little you in the grandeur of nature. And by you, I suppose that I meant me.

It is liberating to be free. Free to breathe the air, free to feel touched, free to fall, free to waltz around without a care in the world. Free to say goodnight to this mortal soul~

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